Finally, The 'Star Wars' News All of You Have Been Waiting For

Finally, The 'Star Wars' News All of You Have Been Waiting For

Nov 06, 2013

We still have no idea whether any of this new Star Wars stuff heading our way will be good, but one thing we like so far is this connection to the original trilogy, whether it be through a big-screen sequel to Return of the Jedi arriving in 2015 or the use of Ralph McQuarrie's original concept art for an upcoming animated series. It's refreshing to see the new Disney-fied version of LucasFilm put the prequels aside in order to reinvent those original storylines and characters, and maybe -- if you ask nicely -- they'll also make it so the below scene might actually play itself out for real one day, fulfilling the hopes and wishes of Star Wars fans everywhere.

Here's a deleted scene from The Phantom Menace that one fan edited in a way to show Jar Jar Binks meet his untimely (but kinda necessary) demise. 

And here's the original deleted scene for those who want to see how it actually ended.

Oh, and in case you popped into this post thinking we were going to give you some actual Star Wars news that's actually really real, then here you go. Star Wars adult onesies... because you've always wanted to look as cool as this guy. Each pair will run you about 60 bucks



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