'Final Cut: Ladies & Gentlemen' Trailer Shows Off First Feature Film Comprised Entirely of Movie Clips

'Final Cut: Ladies & Gentlemen' Trailer Shows Off First Feature Film Comprised Entirely of Movie Clips

Aug 05, 2013

Final Cut posterMovie mash-ups have become popular in the Internet age, so it was probably only a matter of time before someone created a full-length feature film comprised entirely of clips from other movies. Hungarian filmmaker György Pàlfi has now fulfilled that prophecy with the debut of his new project Final Cut: Ladies & Gentlemen. If you ever wondered what a narrative feature comprised entirely of clips and music from 450 other features films might look like, wonder no more.

Here’s the debut trailer for what is being billed as the first full-length movie made entirely of clips – and it’s really interesting. It took Pàlfi three years to complete Final Cut, and when you see the range of films featured in this clip alone, I think you’ll understand why. Pàlfi clearly had to watch a whole lot of movies…

I’m not sure how the full feature will play, but the trailer is fascinating. Extending that out to nearly two hours might become gimmicky, but it’s clear that Pàlfi has some genuine editing talent.

Check out the trailer below, but first read the official press release to get an idea of the scope of this project.

"A giddy found-footage shot heard ‘round the world! For years, we’ve been waiting for an intrepid soul to craft an entirely narrative feature comprised of images and sounds from other feature films — and Final Cut – Ladies And Gentlemen, the culmination of three years’ worth of editing by visionary Hungarian director György Pàlfi (Taxidermia), is nothing short of astonishing. With the totality of the moviegoing experience as its subject, Final Cut juggles clips from over 450 of the greatest films of all time, and bends deep reserves of movie tricks, tropes and triumphs into a single flowing arc. Iconic characters are raised through childhood, fall in love, go to war, marry — and as we jump from Marilyn Monroe to Jackie Chan, from Ozu to Lynch, from the Twenties to the Millenium and back again, we bask in the unity of our shared mythos. Whether you take it in as either an immersive art piece or the all-time highlight reel of your dreams, Final Cut taps directly into the cinematic subconscious with a sensitivity sure to captivate casual movie buffs and hardcore cineastes in equal measure."

[via Geek Tyrant]


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