The Final 'Muppets' Parody Trailer Spoofs 'Paranormal Activity 3,' 'Twilight' and More

The Final 'Muppets' Parody Trailer Spoofs 'Paranormal Activity 3,' 'Twilight' and More

Oct 27, 2011

Regardless of who tries to take down the new Muppets movie with their claims of ruining the integrity of a bunch of puppets (or whatever they're complaining about), you can't take away from the fun marketing campaign Disney has run so far, complete with muppet albums, muppet viral videos and muppet parody trailers. They've just launched their final parody trailer, which combines a little bit of everything -- some regular trailer, some spoofing of their own regular trailer and more parodies of the films in theaters now and arriving in theaters this November, like Paranormal Activity 3, Puss in Boots, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1, and Happy Feet 2.

Definitely a great ending to one of this year's most entertaining marketing campaigns. If you're not looking forward to The Muppets this Thanksgiving, then you have no soul. There, we said it! No soul! Check it out below ...


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