Filmmaker with the Worst Opening Ever Reveals Follow-up: 'Midget Zombie Takeover'

Filmmaker with the Worst Opening Ever Reveals Follow-up: 'Midget Zombie Takeover'

Mar 19, 2013


We all know the best worst movie is Troll 2, but what about the actual worst movie? Actor-director Glenn Berggoetz created that film, and even named it The Worst Movie Ever!. The film isn't remembered for its fine acting, breathtaking visuals, or intense storyline. Instead, it's best known for selling a single $11 ticket during its opening weekend at a theater in Los Angeles. Since its debut in November 2012, the movie has earned $10,194.

Berggoetz has a new film coming out, and Movieline has all the details. Midget Zombie Takeover, which has an absurd trailer that features a lot of screaming, has already performed better than the director's previous film. According to Box Office Mojo, Midget Zombie Takeover has earned $2,755 — $755 more than its $2,000 budget. Berggoetz told Movieline that being known for making the worst movie ever has opened doors for him. He wrote a book, and he's been asked to speak at several engagements.

We wish him well in all his filmmaking endeavors. It's always great to see someone passionate about movies with a positive attitude, no matter what obstacles come their way. Even if midget zombies aren't our vision for the next cinematic masterpiece, we can't fault the guy for doing his thing. Bravo, Berggoetz.

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