Watch: 'Real Film Radicals' Is a Tribute to the Cinema of Resistance

Watch: 'Real Film Radicals' Is a Tribute to the Cinema of Resistance

Aug 22, 2013

Film friends, pay attention: if you're in the New York City area, the Film Society of Lincoln Center is hosting a week-long series that is an absolute must. The Cinema of Resistance will focus on radical titles throughout the ages — "in both content and form, ever mindful of the relationship between politics and aesthetics."

Fandor writer Kevin B. Lee is supporting the series with a thought-provoking video essay (below) about "real film radicals." His five-minute piece opens with a look at René Vautier's Afrique 50, which was banned for more than 40 years. The young filmmaker was commissioned by the French government to capture a travelogue of sorts. The violent and exploitive conditions he witnessed led Vautier to create the first anticolonialist French film, calling for Africa's independence. The director was imprisoned for a year as a result.

Lee's work offers a starting point for a discussion about the ways audiences contextualize "radical" cinema in contemporary times, with films like Tarantino's Django Unchained. Take a moment to read Lee's passionate essay. You can watch the movies mentioned in his article on Fandor.

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