Everything You Need to Know About the Major Film Festivals in One Image

Everything You Need to Know About the Major Film Festivals in One Image

Sep 11, 2013

Photo credit: Fantastic Fest


The film festival season is well underway, with TIFF closing in a few days, Austin's Fantastic Fest kicking off on September 19, the New York Film Festival commencing September 27, and the Philadelphia Film Festival opening in October — and those are just a few. Time to pop that Emergen-C, prepare to battle cell phones during screenings, and gain a few extra pounds as you sit on your duff and watch movies until your eyes bleed. (I mean, you've seen the Drafthouse menu, right?)

In the spirit of festival greatness and insanity, sister website Fandango has debuted an infographic that shares a few fun facts about major film fests. The takeaway is that these events cost a ton of money, but they increase revenue for the cities they are hosted in (Tribeca rakes in an additional $750,000,000 for the city of New York) and unite thousands of talented people and film fans from all over the world (TIFF and Tribeca are attended by 400,000 people, give or take). For more info on SXSW's absurd BBQ consumption, the historical fascist shenanigans at Venice, and the surprising number of films set at Cannes, browse this handy festival-savvy sheet.

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