Film Face-off: Scarlett Johansson vs. Dwayne Johnson

Film Face-off: Scarlett Johansson vs. Dwayne Johnson

Jul 28, 2014

Let's talk about bodies of work. As in an entire career versus another entire career. Come on. Focus on the acting. Focus on the movies. Fine, both Scarlett Johansson and Dwayne Johnson get most of their attention from being really, really good looking.

Each actor had a new movie out this past weekend; Johansson in Luc Besson's Lucy, Johnson with Brett Ratner's Hercules. What happens when these two get into the ring and battle it out?

Let's find out in this week's Film Face-off with Scarlett Johansson versus Dwayne Johnson.


The Box Office

Scarlett Johansson

Johansson's three biggest films are Marvel's The AvengersCaptain America: The Winter Soldier, and Iron Man 2, in which she plays Black Widow. In fact, those are the only three to crack $100 million.

Dwayne Johnson

Johnson has had six films gross $100 million or more. Two were fast, and also furious. Two were sequels (Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and G.I. Joe: Retaliation). The others were a near cameo in The Other Guys and also Get Smart.

Winner: Dwayne Johnson. Johnson's films have made $1.6 billion domestically, averaging $82 million. Johansson's have made $1.9 billion and average $60 million. The fact remains if you take away her one superhero, in which she's not the lead, her best money makers are He's Just Not That into You, We Bought a Zoo and The Horse Whisperer. Johnson has hopped on to many franchises in progress but he still has the lead role in those films.


The Awards

Scarlett Johansson

The Golden Globes have nominated Johansson four times (Match PointA Love Song for Bobby LongLost in Translation and Girl with a Pearl Earring). She's been nominated for plenty of MTV Movie Awards, Kids' Choice, Teen Choice and People's Choice, but only won one.

Dwayne Johnson

In 2013 he won "Favorite Male Butt Kicker" with his performance in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island at the Kids' Choice Awards. In 2001 he won the Teen Choice Award for "Film - Choice Sleazebag" for The Mummy Returns. He's had plenty of nominees with those awards.

Winner: Scarlett Johansson. The Kids' Choice, Teen Choice, People's Choice and MTV Movie Awards are a good way to gage popularity. They don't matter enough. Then again, the Golden Globes are just a small step up from those. At least we can point to Johansson's four nominations as some of her best work. Well, except for A Love Song for Bobby Long, because nobody has ever seen that film.


The Body

Scarlett Johansson

Johansson recently went fully nude in the film Under the Skin. We've seen side boob in many other films.

Dwayne Johnson

Johnson is topless in many films. If he is wearing a shirt, it looks as if it might be sprayed on, or cutting off his circulation.

Winner: Dwayne Johnson. Johnson uses his body more than Johansson. When she finally decided to be fully naked in a film it was an odd, art house flick. In Hollywood terms, Johansson is full-figured (which is insane) and brings a wonderfully sultry attitude in most films. She can also make that disappear. Plus, with Her she proved she can survive on her voice alone.

You notice Johnson's body first. Heck there are times when he is thrusting it at you. In Journey 2: The Mysterious Island he shows a kid how to make his pecs bounce, more than once. In the Fast & Furious films we're convinced he has an oil guy off camera just ready to grease him up. He's topless almost the entire time in Hercules to the point where you start to notice his left nipple points down almost like it dropped a quarter and is searching for it. Currently, no guy is better at being bigger in Hollywood than Johnson. Therefore, no matter what we prefer to look at, Johnson's body wins.


The Beginning

Scarlett Johansson

In 1998, Johansson costarred in The Horse Whisperer with Robert Redford. In 2001, she costarred with Thora Birch in Ghost World.

Dwayne Johnson

Ignoring his wrestling career, in 2001 he was in The Mummy Returns as the Scorpion King and then in 2002 he was the lead in The Scorpion King.

Winner: Scarlett Johansson. Working with Redford and also Kristin Scott Thomas is probably a great education. It made $75 million, but was mainly for an older crowd. Her work in Ghost World is some of her best, and for a younger, indie crowd. It actually seems like this is more like Johansson's true personality (a little nerdy) than most of her other roles. Nobody thinks Johnson's best work is as the Scorpion King. There was definite hype about him appearing in The Mummy Returns, but there wasn't hype about his performance, just appearing.


The Latest Role

Scarlett Johansson

Johansson stars as the title character in Lucy.

Dwayne Johnson

Johnson stars as the title character in Hercules.

Winner: Scarlett Johansson. Who wants to see a Hercules movie where Johnson plays the lead who is actually not a demigod, doesn't go through the 12 labors, yet is superstrong whenever the movie needs him to be? Ratner manages to hit almost every adventure cliche. Besson makes a mess of Lucy, but it's an interesting, fairly original mess. Lucy starts to tap into the unused 90 percent of her brain because of a drug overdose. It's rarely about her becoming smarter, but instead gaining superhuman abilities. Both actors throw themselves into these films, but Johansson showcases more range.


OVERALL WINNER: Scarlett Johansson beats Dwayne Johnson, 3-2.

Quick, name the perfect Johnson-led film. We'll wait here. Vin Diesel owns the Fast & Furious films. When looking over Johnson's movies, The Rundown is what seems to stick out more than the others. It showcases his humor and physical presence. That was 2003. Johansson keeps offering us something different. She finally nailed Black Widow with the Captain America sequel. She'll go crazy in Lucy, help out a friend in Chef, and nails her performance as Barbara Sugarman in Don Jon. Johnson is 42, and still has plenty of time to be the big man, but the 29-year-old Johansson's body of work is simply better at this point.




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