A Female '21 Jump Street' Spin-off Is Reportedly In The Works

A Female '21 Jump Street' Spin-off Is Reportedly In The Works

Apr 29, 2015

As is the case with all movies made by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, there are a ton of jokes and characters in 21 Jump Street that would seemingly lead you into a completey different movie if you just followed them for a little bit. You could make an entire movie about the history of, say, Ice Cube's hardass police captain, or the drug dealing motorcycle gang that gets infiltrated by Johnny Depp. Or, better yet, you could tell a whole side story involve the other two undercover cops already working out of the 21 Jump Street precinct, Fugazy and Jr. Jr.

If you don't remember them, Fugazy and Jr. Jr. were the names of the two young female cops played by Dakota Johnson and Rye Rye who are busting criminals left and right while Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill's characters are bumbling around all over the place. And so if the rumors that a female-led 21 Jump Street spin-off are indeed true, it would make perfect sense to use those two gals as the starting point.

As of right now, all that's out there is word that Broad City writers Lucia Aniello and Paul Downs have been hired to write a screenplay that could live in the world of 21 Jump Street but have two ladies leading the way. We don't know if that would mean Fugazy and Jr. Jr. or not, but considering Dakota Johnson is now a major movie star thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey, it'd be a tad silly to not bring her back into the fold.

If this spin-off and/or the hypothetical Men In Black crossover did ever end up happening, it would make this one of the more interesting franchises out there. And that'd be very impressive considering the first 21 Jump Street has actual jokes about how bad of an idea a 21 Jump Street reboot was in the first place. But if we've learned anything from movies involving Lord and Miller, it's that the bad ideas are often the best ones.





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