Fear the Reaper: The Differences Between The Final Destination Discs Are Scary

Fear the Reaper: The Differences Between The Final Destination Discs Are Scary

Nov 11, 2009

“You can’t cheat death” is what we’ve learned from the Final Destination franchise. In the enduring and wickedly clever horror series, a group of people escape a disaster only to have Death pick them off one by one later. This year’s The Final Destination—the fourth movie in the series and the first filmed in 3D—kicked off at a race track and became the highest-grossing Destination of the series. Its box-office boost can largely be attributed to the ingenious 3D effects that threw everything at moviegoers—car parts, sharp objects, fire and, yes, boobs. It certainly wasn’t because of the generic CW-wannabe cast—easily the most amateurish Final Destination ensemble.

If you want to bring the 3D version of The Final Destination home, Warner Bros. isn’t making it easy. Maybe it’s because we are in this annoying limbo period between the old red-and-blue glasses and a new 3D standard at home that better replicates current theater 3D effects via specially equipped HDTVs and Blu-ray players. For whatever reason, when Warner Bros. releases The Final Destination on DVD and Blu-ray on January 5, only the BD will include the 3D version of the film and two pairs of glasses—and only for a limited time. DVD owners are stuck seeing these one-dimensional actors in flat 2D. Other extras exclusive to the Blu-ray version include two alternate endings, “Body Counts: The Deaths of The Final Destination” featurette, Pre-Visualization/Storyboard segments, a digital copy of the movie and BD-Live content. With regard to the two choices of The Final Destination, Death becomes Blu-ray.

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