Father's Day Movie Nerd Gift: John Wayne Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Father's Day Movie Nerd Gift: John Wayne Stainless Steel Water Bottle

May 26, 2011

Before you know it Father's Day will be upon us, and you'll once again find yourself struggling to find a gift for the father (or father figure) in your life. Do you just go to Home Debot, close your eyes and point at something, or do you think a little outside the box and buy something movie nerdy? If your dad is the kind of guy who fancies old John Wayne westerns, and also likes to stay in shape by either going to the gym or going on long walks around the neighborhood, then what you'll want is this nifty John Wayne stainless steel water bottle, from Neatoshop.

Probably the most badass thing you can buy your dad for $11.95, and take it from someone who owns a couple of these stainless steel water bottles -- it's a good buy. I like how they keep things cold and don't get all dirty and nasty like plastic water bottles. Here are some stats from Neatoshop:

John Wayne - Stainless Steel Water Bottle Stainless steel water bottle with screenprinted graphic of John Wayne Backside: "A man's got to have a code, a creed to live by" New flip top design - easy to use Holds 27 oz (800 ml) Handwash recommended Size: 2-3/4" dia. x 10" (7 cm x 25 cm)


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