Watch: How the Most Ridiculous 'Fast & Furious 6' Scene Was Created

Watch: How the Most Ridiculous 'Fast & Furious 6' Scene Was Created

Jun 04, 2013

If there's one word that sums up Fast & Furious 6 it's neither fast nor furious -- it's "ridiculous." This is a movie that in no way, shape, or form cares about being realistic when it comes to what the human body can endure, what the metal frames of cars can endure, or what the laws of physics would have to say about pretty much every action scene in the movie. And that's a good thing. It makes for a ludicrously entertaining big-screen experience.

However, while what's actually happening on-screen may not be realistic, that doesn't mean director Justin Lin and his crew didn't treat it all realistically. In fact, it's this technical dedication to making it all consistent and believable within the movie's own exagerrated world that takes these ridiculous scenes to the next level. For example, check out this behind-the-scenes video explaining how the film's airplane takedown was filmed.

You'd think they'd leave a bunch of cars chasing the largest plane in the world down a runway to CGI, and while there is still a ton involved in the scene, Lin and company did try to build as much of it as was safely possible. Basically, they ended up building the general structure of the plane so that the cars and the pyrotechnics could interact with it, and then they used CGI to fill out all the parts of the plane they couldn't physically build. Hearing that it was done with a mixture of real stunt work and CGI is hardly mind-blowing, but seeing it done is still, well, pretty mind-blowing. In this day and age where pretty much anything can be done on a computer, it's nice to see filmmakers still trying to film as much in the real world as they can.

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