Update: 'Fast & Furious 8' Casts Scott Eastwood Alongside Charlize Theron

Update: 'Fast & Furious 8' Casts Scott Eastwood Alongside Charlize Theron

Apr 11, 2016

Update 4/11/16: The Fast 8 cast keeps growing. Last week a pair of bad guys were added in the form of Charlize Theron and Kristofer Hivju and this week the F. Gary Gray-directed movie signed up the new heir to the grizzled, chizzled jawline, Scott Eastwood (son of Clint, in case the above image didn't make that obvious). He'll be playing the protege to Kurt Russel's secret government agent we first met in Furious 7.


Previously 4/7/16: 

The Fast and the Furious series has rarely stumbled when it comes to casting. That may not seem that impressive considering most actors big and small would love to be in one of the most successful franchises of all time (even Helen Mirren wants in), but it's a lot harder when you're talking about a series that has such a unique ensemble at its core. There are big personalities already at play and if you toss the wrong person into the mix it could throw off the entire balance. For example, how do you top Jason Statham, the big, bald, gruff badass that played Furious 7's indestructible bad guy?

With Charlize Theron, apparently.

Deadline is reporting the Mad Max: Fury Road star has closed a long rumored deal to play the villain in Fast 8. She's not alone, either. Yesterday The Wrap also broke word that Kristofer Hivju (who is perhaps best recognized as Tormund, the red bearded wildinling warrior in Game of Thrones) has been cast as one of her main henchmen.

What makes them so villainous is anyone's guess at this point. The series has escalated its baddies from street gangs to international cartels to terrorists, so we'd imagine Theron must be playing some sort of Bond-level mastermind. At the very least, it's a safe bet that she's not just some smalltime bank robber from Cleveland who drives a tweaked Honda Civic.

Fast 8 hits theaters on April 14, 2017. 

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