Watch a Bunch of Nerds Rapping at Fantastic Fest

Watch a Bunch of Nerds Rapping at Fantastic Fest

Sep 24, 2012

Obviously you know Fantastic Fest plays a ton of, well, fantastic movies from around the globe, but what truly separates this festival from the rest are its outrageous events. Take, for example, Nerd Rap, which is a competition that pits nerds against each other in an attempt to see who can produce the best original rap performance. It begins with the selection of a Fatboy Roberts track. Fatboy Roberts is another fellow nerd who creates these really amazing tracks mixing movie scores, TV themes and the like. Each contestant chooses a track and then creates their rap in tune with the track.

It sounds simple (okay, maybe not), but once it's time for you to take the stage and entertain a rowdy crowd of festgoers, things can become quite chaotic. To give you a taste of the event, I was on hand shooting snippets of the different raps with my cell phone. Keep in mind these aren't the full raps -- just an example of the mad dope skills on display at this year's festival.

Warning: Many of these include foul language and may be NSFW.

Drafthouse's Henri Mazza and his intro rap

Here's last year's champion returning with an amazing performance that included him rapping with a digital version of himself on-screen.


No Nerd Rap battle would be complete without a Star Wars rap. Warning: This one is NSFW

Our buddy Aaron Hillis dons a cop uniform for his performance. Quick -- name that TV show theme!

One of the odder performances includes this female duo rapping about cats.


We'll return and post the official video of the event once it's online, but in the meantime here's last year's video.


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