The Fantastic Fest Debates: Watch Movie Nerds Debate and Then Fight in a Boxing Ring

The Fantastic Fest Debates: Watch Movie Nerds Debate and Then Fight in a Boxing Ring

Sep 23, 2013

One of our favorite events at Fantastic Fest is the Fantastic Debates, in which two movie nerds enter a boxing ring, debate a particular topic for five minutes, then throw on gloves and fight it out like a couple of caged animals. This year's debates included a main event featuring Keanu Reeves (director and star of the awesome Man of Tai Chi) debating Alamo Drafthouse founder Tim League on tai chi and whether it's reserved solely for elderly women. Reeves then backed into the corner of the ring to cheer on Man of Tai Chi star (and Matrix stunt guru) Tiger Chen, who handed League a pretty solid beatdown. 

Other debate topics included whether Sylvester Stallone is the greatest action hero ever, as well as whether 28 Days Later is a zombie movie or not. Then there was a real funny one where two dudes debated the topic of whether nice-looking people have infiltrated and subsequently killed nerd culture. 

Check out some video highlights of the event below. This is video proof of yet another reason why you need to get your ass to Fantastic Fest next year and witness the insanity for yourself.

For more of our Fantastic Fest coverage, hit this page up. And you can watch tons more Fantastic Fest clips over here.

WARNING: The following video features foul language and is NSFW.




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