Fantastic Fest 2011: The Big Fat Wrap-Up

Fantastic Fest 2011: The Big Fat Wrap-Up

Oct 03, 2011

We cover film festivals of all shapes and sizes, but one of our personal favorites is (of course) Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. Run by the wonderful folks at the Alamo Drafthouse, and supported by sponsors like our very own sister site Fandango, Fantastic Fest is a week-long cornucopia of love and affection for not only international genre films, but also the people who create and support such movies. 

In other words: lots of hardcore film freaks congregate at Fantastic Fest every September, and this year's eighth edition was no different. Here's a handy recap of all our coverage, followed by more rambling from yours truly:


The Award Winners!

Cine Latino: Spotlight on Hispanic Films

Dominic Monaghan Raps Ice Ice Baby

The Fantastic Bumpers (and the Disgusting Winner)

The Fantastic Feud Coverage!

The Fantastic Feud Video!

The Great Shorts of Fantastic Fest(s)

Mondo Poster: American Werewolf in London!

Observations from a Fantastic Fest Virgin Part 1

Observations from a Fantastic Fest Virgin Part 2

Opening Night Lunacy (video)

A Proper Gentleman from 19th Century England Reacts to Seeing Human Centipede 2

Secret Screening Rumor Report!

Shotgun Madness!

Sleepless Night Remake News!

Tom Six and Laurence Harvey of Human Centipede 2

Dialogue: ‘Paranormal Activity 3’ Filmmakers On The Trailer Controversy, The Future Of The Franchise And More (Exclusive)

Dialogue: José Padilha Explains the Controversy and Huge Success of 'Elite Squad 2'

Dialogue: Tim League Talks Drafthouse Expansions, Ambitious Distribution Plans for Drafthouse Films, and Keeping Fantastic Fest Cool


'Paranormal Activity 3' FF Review: If You Liked the First Two, You'll Most Certainly Like This One!

'Blind' FF Review: Another Worthwhile South Korean Serial Killer Film

The Day

The Devil's Business

Human Centipede 2

'Juan of the Dead' FF Review: Cuba Does Zombies

'Julia X 3D' FF Review: Kevin Sorbo As a Very Strange Serial Killer

The Innkeepers

Kill Me Please


A Lonely Place to Die


'Melancholia' FF Review: Beautiful, Fragile, and Without Much to Say


Sleepless Night

The Yellow Sea

'You're Next' FF Review: A Pitch-Perfect Horror Movie

'Beyond the Black Rainbow' FF Review: What a Strange, Psychedelic, Description-Defying Trip


The Top 10 Must See Movies of Fantastic Fest 2011 

The Eight Most Shocking and Surprising Moments of Fantastic Fest 2011

Five Fantastic Fest Films That Came Out of Nowhere


We'll have a few more pieces pop up during the week (including an interview with the creators of the well-received Israeli horror film Rabies), but on behalf of Fantastic Fest virgin Erik Davis and regulars like Peter Hall, Eric Snider, John Gholson, Jacob Hall, Peter Martin, and yours truly, I'd like to offer a big batch of thanks. To the programmers, the Drafthouse staff, the colleagues in the press department, the numerous friends both local and visiting, the filmmakers and sponsors, the badge-holders and the ticket-buyers ... thanks for reminding us that film festivals are about movies and people, not lines and hassles and schwag and stress. The simple joy of discovering something strange and special, and then sharing it with other like-minded lunatics.

Until next year!

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