Watch How They Create Horrific Nightmares in Movies

Watch How They Create Horrific Nightmares in Movies

Oct 04, 2012

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Greg Nicotero may very well have the coolest job in the world. The special-effects guru is one of the founding fathers of KNB EFX – one of the biggest names in the SFX industry. Even if you don’t know Nicotero or KNB, odds are you’ve seen the company’s work – the team has over 700 film and television credits. Their creations have been featured in a wide range of productions, from The Walking Dead to the Transformers trilogy.

Fangoria Magazine has teamed up with Anthrax member (and lifelong horror lover) Scott Ian to start a new Web series entitled Fangoria’s Blood and Guts – and the first episode finds Ian spending time with Nicotero at the KNB headquarters.

The 10-minute ep (which features some Not Safe for Work language and plenty of blood and guts) opens with Nicotero talking about his history in the business and then quickly segues to him showing off his extensive collection of props. Nicotero’s life in the biz has afforded him the opportunity to score some great stuff – including things he helped create for films (lots of awesome Predator props) to items he’s picked up from other films (a film-used facehugger from Alien), to items he’s made for his own amusement (a life-size re-creation of the three leads from Jaws).

From there, things get bloody as Nicotero shows off the practical side of his company’s creations. Ian gets the opportunity to bash in prosthetic zombie heads with a pipe, impale one on a pole, and crush another with his car. It’s an interesting peak behind the curtain at how teams like those at KNB create movie magic.

For a first episode, Blood and Guts is certainly entertaining. If you’re a horror fan who grew up with Fangoria Magazine or just love the art of special FX, you’re going to want to bookmark this series and check out the future installments. Watch the first episode of Blood and Guts below.

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