Fan-Made 'Wonder Woman' Trailer Highlights Why We're Nervous About a 'Wonder Woman' Movie

Fan-Made 'Wonder Woman' Trailer Highlights Why We're Nervous About a 'Wonder Woman' Movie

Feb 27, 2013

Wonder Woman Fan Trailer

With one Wonder Woman movie already canceled and the Justice League movie possibly delayed until 2021, this new fan-made video featuring DC Comics’ most beloved female superhero is probably as close as you’re going to get to seeing Wonder Woman kicking butt on a screen in the foreseeable future (yes, we know about Amazon – the CW’s planned series about Wonder Woman’s high school years – but that’s been delayed for next season, apparently). Honestly, that might be a good thing.

While we certainly have fond childhood memories of Lynda Carter flying around in her invisible jet, we have to admit that Wonder Woman was mostly successful because it was campy. This is not to say that a new film or series can’t make the character serious and interesting (compare modern Batman to the old Adam West series…), but we just can’t shake the feeling that a modern take on the character is also bound to wind up pretty campy too.

Take this video, for instance, which features actress Nina Bergman donning the bustier to take on Nazis. Granted, this is a fan trailer, but it highlights all of the major issues facing a Wonder Woman movie – from the silly costume through to the fact that the character doesn’t really have any interesting abilities (a lasso that makes you tell the truth and an invisible jet seem relatively quaint in today’s superhero universe). Wonder Woman’s going to be a tough sell in her classic form, but changing the character too much is no guarantee of success either. Just ask NBC about that – fan reaction to its Wonder Woman series was so bad it led to the thing never launching.

Jesse Johnson’s faux trailer is certainly well made and entertaining, but watching it has made us even more convinced that Warner Bros. and DC need to think long and hard about how best to bring this character to the big screen. We’d still like to see Wonder Woman get her day in the spotlight, but we’re also okay with waiting as long as it takes to do the character justice.

Enjoy the trailer and let us know what you think.

[via io9]

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