Fan Made: Ghostbusters Headquarters Re-created with Amazing Nerdy Detail

Fan Made: Ghostbusters Headquarters Re-created with Amazing Nerdy Detail

Feb 19, 2013


Hook and Ladder 8 in Manhattan is the iconic FDNY building where Ivan Reitman's classic 1984 movie Ghostbusters was filmed. It's a real building, but sadly there is no awesome Ecto-1 housed in the fire station. (There is a little sidewalk mural tribute to the movie nearby.) LEGO-builder Orion Pax (aka Alexander Jones) solved that problem, however. He re-created every amazing detail of the Ghostbusters Headquarters in colorful block form, modeling the props and interior aspects that fans of the film first fell in love with.

The lab, the car, posters on the wall, writing on the chalkboard, and plates scattered about the kitchen are incredible touches that wrap you in warm, fuzzy nostalgia. Pax also created the Ghostbusters themselves. Check out a few photos of Pax's ode to the supernatural comedy, and then visit Design Taxi to geek out on more great pictures. 

Writing this reminds us that it's only been a month since the last major Ghostbusters 3 rumor popped up. How long until the next one? Let's not jinx it.






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