Fan Made: 'Resident Evil' Gets the Freddie Wong Treatment; 'Star Wars' Goes First Person

Fan Made: 'Resident Evil' Gets the Freddie Wong Treatment; 'Star Wars' Goes First Person

Feb 26, 2013

REsident Evil Down with the Sickness

In the mood for some awesome fan-made movies? We’ve got two to share today – and we think you’ll agree both are totally awesome.

Freddy Wong’s Rocket Jump is back with another super-cool short film inspired by a video game. This time out, Resident Evil 6 provides the inspiration for Resident Evil: Down with the Sickness. Wong and his buddies star in this zombie drama that pays homage to Capcom’s enduring survival horror series. When the zombie apocalypse begins, can the gang survive and thrive in the new world order?

Like previous Rocket Jump productions, Down with the Sickness looks slick and professional – and it features enough nods to the games to keep the gamer contingent pleased. Wong and company even manage to work in a funny typewriter save-point gag and a reference to the infamous “master of unlocking” line that lives on in video game infamy. Hard-core RE fans should be pleased with this one, and horror lovers will want to check out the zombie action as well. [via Geek Tyrant]

If you were hoping for something a little less gory and a lot more sci-fi, this next clip will please you.

We’ve seen a lot of cool lightsaber battles in the Star Wars movies over the years, and we’ve seen a lot of fans try to emulate and re-create them in their own videos (with varying degrees of success…), but this new clip from the Stunt People has rocketed to the top of our favorites list.

The video, entitled Vader Strikes, gives us a first-person perspective of what it would be like to square off with the Dark Lord of the Sith in mortal combat. What we really love about this clip (aside from the way it's filmed) is how inventive it is with its choreography. We get to see not only lightsaber action, but Vader using his force powers to choke his Jedi opponent (played by Mortal Kombat Legacy’s Eric Jacobus), and the Jedi’s clever response. Needless to say, it’s very cool, but don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself below. [via /Film]


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