Fan-Made: Batman Meets 'Breaking Bad,' 8-Bit 'Finding Nemo' and More Geeky Things You Need to See

Fan-Made: Batman Meets 'Breaking Bad,' 8-Bit 'Finding Nemo' and More Geeky Things You Need to See

Oct 07, 2013

Finding Nemo 8-bit

Every day Hollywood spends tons of money making cool marketing materials, posters, tie-ins and other assorted goodies to get you interested in its product -- but some of the coolest movie-related artwork out there comes direct from the fans. Today, we've got three cool, fan-made items that are every bit as neat as what you'd find in the offices of a major ad agency.

First up, America is still mourning the ending of Breaking Bad -- and while the conclusion of the Walter White's adventures in the meth business ended in a way that felt really perfect and true to the series, that hasn't stopped a lot of fans from wanting more time with the infamous Heisenberg. InpiQue Productions has attempted to scratch that fan itch by not only bringing us more Breaking Bad in this trailer, but by merging it with another fan favorite: Batman. 

Breaking Bad Rises matches Walter White against the Dark Knight (and even features Jesse Pinkman as Robin... talk about fan service. I can only imagine the slash fiction this will inspire) in a battle to control Gotham City. Only complaint here? How awesome would it have been if Batman popped off his mask and revealed he was Hank? [via Neatorama]

On a much lighter note, the guys over at CineFix have reimagined the tale of Finding Nemo as an 8-bit video game (with some 16-bit graphics thrown in for good measure). The results look a lot like something I'd have played on my Nintendo Entertainment System circa 1988 -- and arguably provide more evidence for why games based on movies never quite work. Still, this is a pretty amusing reinterpretation of the beloved tale. If you're a Disney Pixar fan, you'll want to check this out.

Finally, we wrap things up with a bit more Disney. 

Artist Scott Campbell has revealed "Good vs. Evil," his newest series of Disney-inspired illustrations. This series showcases the duality of Disney's princesses and their evil counterparts. 

The stylish series features images of Snow White and the Evil Queen, Ariel the Little Mermaid and Ursula the Sea Witch, and several other iconic pairings. Check out Snow White and the Evil Queen below, then head over to Campbell's site for more of this series and some of his other work. [via Design Taxi]

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