Fan Made: 'The Lion King' Re-created with Kittens, Famous Movie Kisses with Dogs, and a 'Star Wars' Anime

Fan Made: 'The Lion King' Re-created with Kittens, Famous Movie Kisses with Dogs, and a 'Star Wars' Anime

Jan 03, 2014

If you want to see a reenactment of The Lion King narrated by a very excited child and acted out with kittens (who doesn’t?), then this is your lucky day. The whole scene is complete with crayon-colored props, stuffed animals and several adorable, mewling kitties that have no idea what the hell is happening. You’re welcome. We can take or leave the kid (sorry!), but these pussycats make the circle of life that much sweeter. Cuteness quota for the day totally achieved in the below video. [Spotted via Design Taxi]

Man meets dog. Man thinks dog is so amazing, he naturally decides to re-create famous romantic movie scenes with it. Wrigley is the canine star of these photos, and actually belongs to Redditor mmsspp’s boss. Wrigley visits the office and that’s where mmsspp fell in love — at least temporarily for these hilarious snapshots. Does mmsspp engage in an upside-down make out sesh with Wrigley à la Spiderman in the name of art? Yes. Yes he does. [Spotted via Sploid]

Of course you want to see Star Wars reimagined as a corny 1980s anime, which features suggestions of incest, a lightsaber arm, and those shaky eyeballs we all love to hate. Our only squabble is that the narrator calls it the “1980s anime,” which ruins the effect somewhat. Still, it still gets our seal of approval. Feel free to list all the nerdy references in the video that may elude the rest of us peons. If you want to see more animated goodies from the same people, head to shamoozal's YouTube channel. [Spotted via Topless Robot]




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