Fan Made: 'Iron Man' Directed by Woody Allen, Plus 'Wolverine' Gets Sweded

Fan Made: 'Iron Man' Directed by Woody Allen, Plus 'Wolverine' Gets Sweded

Apr 19, 2013



Jesse Benjamin is at it again with an animated parody of Iron Man 3, which hits theaters on May 3. This time, he imagines what a Woody Allen version of the superhero favorite would be like. Allen dons the iron suit (which is apparently "great for making love" — when he gets to), but kvetches about his intimacy issues and has an existential crisis over coleslaw. Sound about right? Larry David plays Iron Man's archenemy in Benjamin's version of the comic book-inspired story, which is perfect casting if you ask us. Watch them in action, below.


In other superhero parody news, there's a cool sweded trailer for Wolverine online you should watch (via Blastr). The low-budget, homemade trailer spoofing the actual 20th Century Fox film, in theaters July 26, is a fun shot-by-shot remake. There's even a side-by-side comparison to marvel at.

The imitation sideburns Wolverine is sporting are pretty epic. We needed to smile this morning, and this helped. In the upcoming film, Logan heads to Japan to face a mysterious figure from his past. He's pushed to the limit and faces his own immortality. Enjoy!

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