'Faces in the Crowd' Trailer - Milla Jovovich Versus a Face-Shifting Serial Killer

'Faces in the Crowd' Trailer - Milla Jovovich Versus a Face-Shifting Serial Killer

Aug 15, 2011

Faces in the CrowdMilla Jovovich is an actress that's hard to hate.  Oh, sure, it's easy to hate most of the movies she's in, but even if you despise Ultraviolet or groan at the prospect of ever watching Resident Evil: Afterlife again, she tends to be the most interesting part of the mid-range special effects extravaganzas that seem to dominate her career.  Why exactly that's the case is hard to say, but I'm going to chalk it up to a lifetime of goodwill earned from The Fifth Element.

Jovovich doesn't exclusively star in CGI-fests, however, and now the international trailer has hit for Faces in the Crowd, an upcoming thriller that looks to be keeping the actress' green screen work to a minimum.  Co-starring Julian McMahon, Sarah Wayne Callies and Michael Shanks, the Julien Mangnat-directed thriller finds Jovovich playing a woman who, after a surviving a serial killer, suffers from face blindness.  What is face blindness, exactly?  It's a sort of amnesia in which a post-trauma victim cannot properly associate faces with their respective memories of that person, meaning the serial killer looks like a different person every time she sees him.

Unfortunately Faces in the Crowd doesn't have a release date in the US at this point, but hopefully it won't take long to make it to our shores.  The trailer is hardly mind-blowing (it's at least better than the poster), but I appreciate a high concept killer movie, so I'm hoping Magnat's film will be in the same league of recent quality (but relatively unseen) thrillers like Julia's Eyes and Tell Tale.

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