DC's Comic Series 'Fables' Is Set to Become a Movie

DC's Comic Series 'Fables' Is Set to Become a Movie

Jun 04, 2013


Vertigo's fairy tale-inspired comic book series Fables is being developed for a big-screen fantasy project by the producer of Harry Potter. Nikolaj Arcel (Royal Affair) will direct with a script from Jeremy Slater. Bill Willingham's Fables centers on a group of characters from storybooks (like Snow White and Cinderella) that get kicked out of their world and form a clandestine community in New York City. The Jim Henson Company almost adapted Fables into a film in 2004, but it never got off the ground. That's probably for the best since film technology has greatly improved, and Fables features some beautiful cover art that we hope translates to the movie's overall look.
NBC and ABC almost set the storyline in TVland, but the former eventually went for Grimm and the latter for Once Upon a Time. THR doesn't indicate if the Fables retelling will be similar to the police procedural or drama series, but we know that website IGN called Fables "the best comic currently being produced" at one point. Frankly, we're a little surprised that the film project wasn't resurrected sooner since dark fairy tales have crowded our theaters and television sets for the past several years.
Do you read Fables? Chime in with your hopes and fears for the adaptation, below.

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