SyFy Channel to Adapt Stephen King's 'The Eyes of the Dragon' (Wow!)

SyFy Channel to Adapt Stephen King's 'The Eyes of the Dragon' (Wow!)

Apr 24, 2012

Like most horror freaks of a certain age (and younger), I grew up on a steady diet of Stephen King horror novels. (Yes, also Clive Barker and Robert McCammon, but we're getting off-base here.) But then in 1987 I grabbed his latest book, which was a fantasy story that Mr. King wrote for his daughter, Naomi. It was (and still is) called The Eyes of the Dragon, and it's a book I've re-read at least three times over the years.

According to Entertainment Weekly's Inside TV, the adaptation will be penned by Michael Taylor and Jeff Vintar (I, Robot, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within). Mr. Taylor has written for just about every science-fiction TV series out there, plus he does have some experience with Kingly adaptations: he produced and wrote several episodes of the better-than-it-shoulda-been Dead Zone TV series from a few years back. 

All of this is very exciting to a guy like me, and if twitter is any indication, I'm not the only one who holds a special affection for this particular tome. A lot of the reactions are slightly unkind, if somewhat logical, so let's just get the cards on the table here. Yes, SyFy is notorious for their remarkably silly Saturday night original movies, but given that this network is a big success, we have to assume that some smart people are in charge -- and smart people will recognize the difference between a beloved book by a brilliant author and something called "Alien Asteroids Attack." As the Syfy folks told me on twitter: "it won't be done as a Saturday night movie," and that's where they put all their Alien Asteroids and Giant Crocodiles.

In a perfect world, someone like Guillermo del Toro would direct an epic movie or two based on The Eyes of the Dragon, but since that's clearly not going to happen, we look to cable television. HBO already has their Game of Thrones (which is amazing), and now all the other networks covet a similar property. I say hats off to SyFy for recognizing the value of this book, and I sincerely hope they pull of something special here. 

For another fan's reaction, check out my twitter pal Jill Pantozzi's ruminations at The Mary Sue.

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