SkyNET Evolves and 'Downfall' Director has an 'Eye in the Sky'

SkyNET Evolves and 'Downfall' Director has an 'Eye in the Sky'

Sep 13, 2011

SkyNETTwo completely separate bits of film-related news concerning unmanned aerial vehicles hit this week, though surprisingly only one of them involves a surefire precursor to man's enslavement by robots.  The first is news that Downfall director Oliver Hirschbiegel has signed on to direct Eye in the Sky, a globe-spanning story about how a handful of characters' lives are, "impacted by the decision to drop a drone missile on a house in East Africa."

Eye in the Sky is written by Guy Hibbert, who last worked with Hirschbiegel on the great Liam Neeson/James Nesbitt drama Five Minutes of Heaven.  The project was originally developed as a BBC film, but FilmNation acquirred the script and will, in Variety's words, "aggressively" put it together.

As for the other, completely unrelated UAV news, that's a bit geekier.  A group of researchers at the Stevens Institute of Technology are developing an unmanned drone that can attack wireless networks from the sky.  Who exactly will make use of this drone, we don't know, but we do know that the team have already given it the most obvious name possible: SkyNET.  And if that's not just tempting a Terminator fate on its own, here are a few choice quotes from their paper detailing the ominous project [via Engadget].

"The SkyNET is used by a botmaster to command their botnet(s) without using the Internet. The drones are programmed to scour an urban area and compromise wireless networks. Once compromised, the drone attacks the local hosts. When a host is compromised it joins both the Internet-facing botnet, and the sun-facing SkyNET."

Time to get out your tinfoil hates and hope a John Connor will show up to prevent this inevitable war with machines.

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