Editorial: Why ‘Extraterrestrial’ is Better Than ‘Prometheus'

Editorial: Why ‘Extraterrestrial’ is Better Than ‘Prometheus'

Jun 13, 2012

Extraterrestrial posterIt’s already been a week and if you’re like me it’s time to move on from all the Prometheus analysis (however, if you’re still craving, here’s a few good ones: The Prometheus Glossary and The Conversation: What Are the Answers to the Big Questions in Prometheus?

And luckily this Friday you can continue to get your sci-fi fix -- but without the head scratching plotlines -- as film festival favorite Nacho Vigalondo’s Extraterrestrial opens in New York and is available nationwide on VOD.

In this Spanish sci-fi comedy, Julio (Julian Villagran) wakes after a hard night of partying in the bed of the beautiful Julia (Michelle Jenner). As the uncomfortable morning exchanges commence, Julio is prepared to leave until the two realize that the streets are empty and a giant UFO is hovering in the sky. Things only get stranger when Julia’s boyfriend and annoying neighbor come into the mix, leading to lies, sexual tension and possibly the end of the world.

Let’s break it down to prove why Extraterrestrial is better than Prometheus


(NOTE: Minor spoilers for both films on the way).


No Pissed-Off Aliens

In Prometheus we spend years traveling to a planet-sized moon to find the meaning of life only to realize that its inhabitants really, really don’t like us. Luckily in Extraterrestrial we don’t know the motives of the beings in the large UFOs. But that doesn’t stop Julio and the others from making conclusions and using them for their own motives.

Extraterrestrial Julian and Julia

More Appealing Humans

Let’s face it, most of the people aboard Prometheus aren’t the kind of folks you’d want to represent the human race. And though the characters in Extraterrestrial have their flaws, at the end of the day they come to realize their differences are petty and aren’t about to shoot a flamethrower on each other or roofie their drinks with alien goo.

No Gory Self-Cesarean

Luckily Extraterrestrial is set in the present day, or at least not in a future where you can jump into a pod and do major surgeries on yourself.

No Phallic-shaped Creatures Attacking People

If you enjoy your sci-fi without slimy creatures swirling inside black goo then you’re going to dig Extraterrestrial. Director Nacho Vigalondo isn’t looking to give you nightmares, but instead he uses the genre for his brand of comedy.

No Know-it-all Robot

David may have all the answers in Prometheus, but as his affection for T. E. Lawrence indicates, he would trade it all to be human. That’s what makes Extraterrestrial a fun watch. Though something other worldly has appeared, for these characters their human urges are more important than what’s in the sky.

Extraterrestrial Julia

A Hot Chick Who's Approachable

Though Julia is far from perfect, she is nothing like the Ice Queen that Meredith Vickers is in Prometheus. This Spanish hottie is the main reason everything goes down in Extraterrestrial, but it’s because she has a problem of wanting to please and have everyone be her friend… something Ms. Vickers doesn’t have to deal with.

Also Asks Why

One thing that both Prometheus and Extraterrestrial have in common is the question of “why.” It’s one of the main reasons we love science fiction to begin with, and though both films go at it in different ways, it’s exploring the riddle of first contact that’s ripe with endless stories filled with horror, drama and comedy.

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