Watch: Teaser Trailer for 'Extraterrestrial' From 'Timecrimes' Director Nacho Vigalondo

Watch: Teaser Trailer for 'Extraterrestrial' From 'Timecrimes' Director Nacho Vigalondo

Sep 09, 2011


If youv'e ever been to a film festival with Nacho Vigalondo in attendance, it'll become pretty clear pretty quickly that there are two sides to the man.  On one side, you've got an incredibly talented filmmaker capable of writing, directing and co-starring in one of the coolest time travel movies ever made, Timecrimes.  On the other hand, you have a wild party animal capable of hanging out with fans during the day and then raging late into the night, long past last call.  Basically, Vigalondo is a very...unique man, and now he's back with his second film, Extraterrestrial.

The film will be enjoying its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival quite shortly (after that it will head to Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX), but ahead of that, we've got a teaser trailer for the film about two people trying to reconcile the fact that there is a UFO hovering outside their window.  And judging from the trailer alone, we're in for another low-key, surprisingly sentimental piece of sci-fi from Vigalondo.

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