Expect a Close Encounter of The Fourth Kind This March

Expect a Close Encounter of The Fourth Kind This March

Jan 14, 2010

Did you know a scale of measurement was established in 1972 for alien encounters? A UFO sighting is an encounter of the first kind. When evidence is collected, it’s an encounter of the second kind. When you make contact—as you know from a certain Steven Spielberg movie—it is a close encounter of the third kind. The next level is the fourth kind—alien abduction—and the classification du jour in director Olatunde Osunsanmi’s ultimate fake-out flick The Fourth Kind. Milla Jovovich introduces the sci-fi thriller as herself and insists that what you are about to see is compiled from never-before-seen archival footage (Milla, your nose is growing). She then plays Dr. Abigail Tyler, a purported psychologist in the remote Nome, Alaska, area where an unusual amount of disappearances has occurred over the years. Could it be…E.T.? You decide. 

Universal wants to abduct your dollars on March 16 when it releases The Fourth Kind on DVD and Blu-ray. Both versions will contain deleted scenes, but the Blu-ray adds two BD-Live featurettes: “The Four Kinds” and “Marie D. Jones Discusses The Fourth Kind.” For those of you who can’t put down your cell phone long enough to pay attention to a film (or anything else), the BD also features pocket BLU—the latest BD extra that allows users to control their player as well as access a video timeline and other features via their phones. You can then use said phone to dial up Ms. Jovovich and tell her that you don’t appreciate being clowned.

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