Exclusive: Watch Audiences Freak Out After Watching 'The Collection'

Exclusive: Watch Audiences Freak Out After Watching 'The Collection'

Nov 29, 2012

What do you get when the guys who wrote a bunch of Saw sequels get to make their own original horror movie? Well you get something like the The Collector and its gory-as-hell sequel, The Collection, which opens in a theater near you tomorrow. There's a masked psychopath hunting people via his sick and disturbing secret lair, and it's up to one man (and his group of mercenaries) to put a stop to it. Sounds just crazy enough to win us over -- sort of like Saw meets Aliens -- especially when you hear reactions from audience members who watched the movie premiere at Fantastic Fest earlier this year. 

Check out this exclusive featurette for The Collection below, which features those aforementioned audience reactions, some clips and a few words from director Marcus Dunstan. For more, read our interview with Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton.

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