Exclusive Images: These Kids Try to Destroy Each Other in 'I Declare War'

Exclusive Images: These Kids Try to Destroy Each Other in 'I Declare War'

Jul 26, 2013

I Declare War is like a coming-of-age movie on steroids. Wait, we've said that before, but it's so true. One of the more action-packed coming-of-age movies you'll ever see, I Declare War follows a group of kids into their local woods for a crazy game of war that, when told from their perspective, makes it appear as if they're shooting rocket launchers, throwing grenades and firing off thousands of rounds of ammunition all in an attempt to capture the other team's flag.

But the story ventures into much deeper and emotional territory, too, as it follows these adolescents as their feelings for one another begin to evolve and mutate into certain kinds of emotions they're really not all that equipped to deal with yet. It's kind of like Stand by Me if you gave every character an automatic weapon, and while that sounds a bit nuts and intense, I Declare War manages to use its explosive energy to celebrate a kid's imagination and how it truly helps shape the rest of their lives.

Check out these exclusive images for the film below, as well as its latest trailer. I Declare War arrives on VOD/iTunes on July 26 (that's today! Go watch it!) and in select theaters on August 30. If you dig action movies and coming-of-age movies, then trust us and seek this one out.


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