The Exciting Hollywood Directors Who Created Some of Your Favorite Super Bowl Spots

The Exciting Hollywood Directors Who Created Some of Your Favorite Super Bowl Spots

Feb 04, 2013



We hope Beyoncé Bowl was everything you hoped and dreamed, but right now it's time to review last night's TV spots from big-time brands and directors. These ad companies shelled out the dough to nab Hollywood's best, and this year's mix includes a hot make-out session, ass-kicking lady robots, Satan, and a man's best horse commercial set to Fleetwood Mac that made us (OK, just me) cry like a baby. Damn you, Budweiser! So while you're catching up with the 2013 Super Bowl movie trailers that premiered last night and trying to decide if the World War Z clip looks worse than it did before — or why the hell you're suddenly drawn to the Fast and the Furious series — we bring you several television commercials directed by, and starring, a few of film's most familiar names. 

Will Ferrell's Old Milwaukee commercial features all the tongue and stache your Super Bowl party was probably missing. You were too busy being a hog, scarfing down chicken wings.


Dante Ariola's Mercedes-Benz commercial features Willem Dafoe sporting a wicked set of talons and a hunger for souls. Ariola is directing the upcoming Arthur Newman, starring Colin Firth and Emily Blunt. In the film, a man fakes his own death in order to escape his dreary life. He meets a woman on the road who also seeks a fresh start. 


Carl Erik Rinsch's Kia commercial sees the director return to the ad world with Hotbots. One day we'll get to see his version of the legendary samurai tale about the 47 ronin (wandering warriors without a master) that avenged the death or their master in 18th-century Japan — appropriately titled 47 Ronin.


Tony Scott's nephew, Jake Scott, has been directing shorts and commercials for some time. This Budweiser spot set to Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide" tugs at the heartstrings.

Here's Jody Hill's (Observe and Report) commercial for Hyundai

Noam Murro, who's about to unleash his 300 follow-up 300: Rise of an Empire helmed this spot for Taco Bell, one of the favorites of the night.

And here's Jon Favreau's (Iron Man) entire Samsung spot starring Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd and Bob Odenkirk.

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