The Evolution of the James Bond Movie Poster

The Evolution of the James Bond Movie Poster

Oct 02, 2013


So many different elements about the James Bond franchise have become iconic symbols: the sexy Bond girl, the cars, the impeccable suit, the music, those opening titles — just to name a few. The world of the man with the golden gun is stylish and eye-catching, which is why the design of the James Bond poster has been so important to the franchise. Our film pal Emma Green spotted a striking infographic detailing the history of James Bond film posters. The one sheets for the longest running film series in cinema have evolved from an illustrated montage of leggy women and catchy taglines to bolder, photographic images that make Bond the central figure.

Company UPrinting created the infographic, which includes some interesting footnotes — like the fact that Goldfinger broke the design mold using an image from the title sequence. The style was never replicated. It's also interesting to note that while the early Bond posters use glamorous and scantily clad women as dressing for our hero, the later posters feature women in the same pose as Bond to show equality (Die Another Day, for example). Skyfall's poster shows a lone Daniel Craig, which coincides with author Ian Fleming's vision of Bond (all business, ready to kill) — something the studio has been impressively faithful to since the English actor took over the role. For more Bond poster eye candy, browse the infographic. Feel free to obsess over your favorite poster designs in our comments section.

James Bond Poster Evolution - [Infographic]



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