Our 'Evil Dead' Infographic: Kills, Nudity, Chainsaws, Box Office and More

Our 'Evil Dead' Infographic: Kills, Nudity, Chainsaws, Box Office and More

Apr 04, 2013

Many audience members recoil from remakes out of frustration that Hollywood can't seem to come up with anything new, but Evil Dead hopes to have audiences recoiling for entirely different reasons. Reports from advance screenings have noted people passing out in the aisles and even the most hard-core horror fanatics have said Evil Dead is easily one of the goriest mainstream offerings in recent memory.

Director Fede Alvarez was met with a lot of skepticism when his attempt to tackle a new version of the Sam Raimi cabin-in-the-woods classic was announced, but from all reports he's acquitted himself nicely with a take-no-prisoners approach that doesn't skimp on the bloodshed. To celebrate the arrival of Evil Dead in theaters this weekend, we've cooked up an exclusive infographic that pays tribute to the original film while acknowledging the new. We hope Alvarez does Raimi and company proud.

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