'Evidence' Trailer: 'The Fourth Kind' Director Is Back with a Found-Footage Murder Mystery

'Evidence' Trailer: 'The Fourth Kind' Director Is Back with a Found-Footage Murder Mystery

Jun 04, 2013

The Fourth Kind is a decent thriller about alien abduction that's hampered by director Olatunde Osunsanmi's faked found-footage style that's more obtrusive than it is convincing. But Osunsanmi isn't giving up the pseudo found-footage hook just yet. He's clearly a fan of the format, as seen by the first trailer for his new film Evidence. Only this time, the format actually seems to be supported by the story.

Evidence is about a pair of detectives (Radha Mitchell and Stephen Moyer) investigating a massacre at an abandoned gas station with absolutely no leads as to who actually turned it into a gas and slash. Their main source of clues to finding the killer lies within the footage shot by the victims. So, it's still a traditional narrative point of view, but it gets to make logical use of someone actually watching footage they've found. Think of it like Sinister, only presumably with less demons and more police work, but, who knows, maybe it will have a supernatural twist in the long run.

Evidence currently doesn't have a U.S. release date and, like Renny Harlin's The Dyatlov Pass Incident, looks like it'll open up in international markets before it does in the U.S. (That's the Russian poster to your right.)



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