Watch: Every 'Final Destination' Death Scene from Parts 1 Through 4

Watch: Every 'Final Destination' Death Scene from Parts 1 Through 4

Aug 10, 2011

So you're looking at the movies opening up this weekend, and you're itching for some good old freak-out moments, with the option of experiencing those moments with or without 3D. You see Final Destination 5 arriving in theaters, but you didn't see any of the previous four and don't really know what to expect. Do you need to go back and watch all four in order to see part five? Short answer: No, of course not -- this is a horror movie we're talking about. But maybe you'd like to have some familiarity with the first four films so that, following a screening of part five, you can involve yourself in a heated debate over cheese fries at your local Denny's regarding which Final Destination installment featured the best death scenes. If that's the case, then check out the video below featuring -- you guessed it -- every Final Destination death scene from parts one through four. (Read about our 8 favorite death scenes here.)

Naturally there are spoilers here, so if you're interested in watching the first four films with fresh eyes, don't press play below. Enjoy!

Warning: This puppy is chock-full of blood and violence so watch at your own risk

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