Watch Every Alfred Hitchcock Movie Cameo

Watch Every Alfred Hitchcock Movie Cameo

Apr 18, 2013


The Master of Suspense chronicles every Hitchcock cameo in cinema. That's no easy feat considering the director made appearances in 39 of his 52 major motion pictures. The cameos were playful and often so brief that if you blinked you'd miss them. Audiences loved to play "Where's Hitchcock?" but in order to avoid distracting them, he eventually made sure to insert his cameo within the first half hour of the movie. Even after his death Hitchcock made brief appearances in films. Look for his robust silhouette in Richard Franklin's 1983 sequel, Psycho II. His shadow lurks in Mother's bedroom. Gus Van Sant's remake of Psycho included a Hitchcock lookalike as a stand in for the filmmaker's original cameo appearance. And the list goes on. 

In a 1966 interview with Hitch, the director spoke about a missed opportunity:

"I always give a little thought to my appearances and come on as early as possible — don't want to hold them in suspense for the wrong reason! I've been in all my films on and off. Missed a few. Only cancelled one. It got into the press ahead of time... I was going to walk along with a girl and talk to her — in deaf-and-dumb language. My hands would be working very fast. And she turns around and slaps my face."

If The Girl holds an ounce of truth, we bet that wasn't the first time Hitch got slapped in the face. Check out this supercut of Hitchcock cameos to see one of cinema's greatest "disguised" as a bus passenger, a news reporter, a guy walking his dogs and more. [via Buzzfeed]

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