Every 3D Movie is the Same and This Proves It

Every 3D Movie is the Same and This Proves It

Jul 24, 2012

Further proof that every 3D movie is the same -- or at least shares many similar scenes, characters, storylines and camera shots -- comes in this new Funny or Die mash-up that puts many of the year's blockbusters side by side in order to prove just how similar they really are. Those paying close attention will notice that the FoD folks use a few non-3D films in there too in order to get their point across, which sort of muddles the whole point in the first place. Maybe a different title -- like "Every Big Blockbuster is the Same" -- might have been a more accurate way to describe what you're about to watch, but regardless this definitely proves Hollywood keeps returning to the same types of money shots in order to "wow" audiences, while we keep scarfing them down and asking for seconds. Demand more originality people! And also demand a new Mission: Impossible film every year! [via /Film]



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