Eva Longoria Slam Dunks Tony Parker with Divorce Papers

Eva Longoria Slam Dunks Tony Parker with Divorce Papers

Nov 17, 2010

Guess who found out how much it sucks to be married to a professional athlete, what with their two-timing, cheatin' ways? Yup, Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria has officially become a real-life desperate housewife who, unfortunately, appears to be desperate to get out of her marriage to her star basketball husband Tony Parker, of the San Antonio Spurs.

After her reps denied the filing of divorce papers yesterday, People has officially confirmed today that Longoria has filed divorce papers in Los Angeles citing the usual (and boring) "irreconcilable differences." With all the celebrity divorces happening lately, they really need to fancy those descriptions up. Like, say, someone should be able to divorce someone on the grounds that they're a "cheatin' bastard" or use something like "Irreconcilable Snoring Patterns."

Rumors are swirling that Parker slam dunked his manliness into some other woman's basket, but nothing official has come out ... yet. The two threw a lavish wedding at a castle in Paris back in 2007, though unfortunately it seems the prince screwed up his happily ever after.

Perhaps Ms. Longoria should try hockey next time. Those guys have been hit so many times, they're too dizzy and deflated to look elsewhere.

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