See the 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For' Poster That Was Too Sexy for the MPAA

See the 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For' Poster That Was Too Sexy for the MPAA

May 29, 2014

Recently a whole batch of character posters for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For arrived online minus one particular poster for Eva Green's character, Ava Lord. According to Page Six, her poster was a little too sexy for the MPAA, who rejected it for nudity--or, well, for having a little too much boobage. 

Here it is below. What do you think?

Click to enlarge


So who is Ava Lord? Well she's the title character in A Dame to Kill For (as in, yeah, she's a dame you'd kill for); a classic femme fatale who manipulates men for her own amusement. We can see that--this poster alone has already manipulated us into staring at it for way too long.

Green has already turned in one of our favorite female performances of the year (in terms of just how nuts she is) in 300: Rise of an Empire, and so we can't wait to see what she does inside Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez' noir-soaked Sin City follow-up, due out on August 22.


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