'Escape Plan' Trailer: Stallone! Schwarzenegger! Punching!

'Escape Plan' Trailer: Stallone! Schwarzenegger! Punching!

Jun 27, 2013

Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. That's all you've got to say to get fans excited for Escape Plan. Nothing beyond those two names really matters. It's just noise at that point.

If you are interested in further details, however, you should know that Escape Plan was formerly called The Tomb, and it's about a guy (Stallone) who has apparently made a career out of breaking out of prisons; a mighty convenient skill set to have since the government happens to have a new, state-of-the-art prison that it wants to prove is inescapable. The government contracts Stallone to take a little stay there and try to see if he can break out. Turns out this new joint is a tad more complicated than your average jail, and so Stallone ends up needing a little bit of help on the inside. Enter Schwarzenegger.

There appears to be a further twist to the story in that Stallone thinks he was sent to the Tomb not to test its limitations, but because the government wanted him to die inside. Don't worry about that, though. Like we said, "Stallone and Schwarzenegger." That's clearly the movie's primary concern. So long as it has those two doing some '80s-worthy action, fans aren't going to care about the intricacy of the plot. And, to that end, Escape Plan looks like it might just deliver when it hits theaters on October 18, 2013.



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