We Almost Got an Awesome 'Escape from New York' Video Game! Here's What It Looked Like

We Almost Got an Awesome 'Escape from New York' Video Game! Here's What It Looked Like

Oct 03, 2013

Escape from New York anime
Snake Plissken's return to the silver screen is still in the works -- with rumors emerging earlier this year that Tom Hardy and Jason Statham were in the running to play the iconic character first made famous by Kurt Russell way back in 1981's Escape from New York. However, it turns out we almost got more Snake adventures back in 2003 -- when director John Carpenter and Russell were involved with an animated expansion of the series that never came to be.
Fortunately, some of the concept art has turned up courtesy of Ain't It Cool News, so fans of Carpenter's adventure tale can see just what might have been.
I'll gladly cop to being an anime hater, but a series with Snake going on more missions might have won me over. The character designs certainly look like something out of Japanese animation, but at least no one has any saucer eyes in these sketches. Sometimes it's the small victories that matter.
I'm not sure why this project never came to fruition, but check out some of the concept art over at Blastr and marvel over what might have been.
Of course, this isn't the only Escape from New York tie-in that didn't quite pan out -- around the same time, Namco was hard at work bringing Snake's origin story to a PlayStation 2 near you. It's hard to tell if an Escape from New York game would have been good from this short clip early in the development cycle, but the game was going to be a third-person shooter in the same vein as the Max Payne titles. The clip shows Snake taking on hordes of baddies, using bullet time to get through the hairier combat sections, and pulling off some stylish executions. 
Unfortunately, we'll never know if a Snake-based game would have been fun or not -- Namco eventually canned the project (some speculate this was because of the passing of Carpenter collaborator Debra Hill), but we did get a game based on Carpenter's The Thing instead.
[via Blastr]



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