Does the 'Entourage' Movie Deserve to Hit Theaters?

Does the 'Entourage' Movie Deserve to Hit Theaters?

Sep 12, 2012

In theory, it would be fun to see your favorite TV series (Lost; Arrested Development; Breaking Bad) spun off and concluded on the big screen. In reality, the idea is just a way for Hollywood to get money out of you for something you previously didn't have to pay for. That's fine if they give you something more for your buck. With the first X-Files movie, for instance, they shot all over the world to make it look clearly "grander" than the show. The Star Trek films had better special effects. Sex and the City had a huge wedding and a bigger costuming budget.

So it might seem a bit unambitious for Entourage creator Doug Ellin to tell Deadline that his screenplay for the planned film version has the gang "still hanging out and going to fun parties" and "will have similar Hollywood send-ups and snark which have been missing from the HBO sked." Nikki Finke adds that, "the vast majority of Entourage fans want an R-rated movie with an abundance of broads and boobs and cameos by genuine Hollywood bigwigs as well as decent plotting and character arcs."

Really, is that it? Because you'd think there'd be more incentive for us to pay $12 to see the thing. Sure, if you subscribe to HBO for its original programming you've definitely paid more than a movie ticket price to watch Entourage over the years. Same goes for those of you who've bought the series on DVD. Still, make those boobs 3D and set the hanging out on the planet Pandora. Heck, just give us the Aquaman movie starring Vince (and then also keep it credited to the fake actor for the Justice League film). Otherwise, they really should just make the movie to premiere on HBO.

The thing is, while Entourage and most other series need the extra spectacle or whatever to woo moviegoers, I believe Arrested Development fans would go to see the Bluths do the same old thing on the big screen -- and that might even be the case if the returning series directly leads into the film, as creator Mitch Hurwitz claimed recently. They'd probably actually be annoyed if anything requiring a movie budget -- say, explosions -- were tacked on. AD fans are extremely devoted to that property, while Entourage viewers, I'm certain, were a far more casual breed, and few of those who'd call themselves fans would even care if the movie happens or not.

What would you need from the Entourage movie to make it worth the price of admission? Here some responses received so far via Twitter:









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