Entertainment Tonight and the Case of the Trailer Voiceover

Entertainment Tonight and the Case of the Trailer Voiceover

Mar 23, 2011

Here's something I bet really annoys you: You're tooling around online or flipping through the channels on TV when all of a sudden you notice that Entertainment Tonight -- ya know, the nightly show that feels as if it was produced by and for a group of fifth graders -- announces that they're premiering a really big trailer. Ooohh, a big movie trailer -- do share Entertainment Tonight! It's 7pm and we're finishing up our milk before sleepy time, but we can totally go for a new trailer!

So you settle back in your seat, turn up the volume a little bit and then ... wham, the trailer with ... wham, the annoying Entertainment Tonight host talking over the entire thing, explaining plot points to us the trailer covers on its own because ... well, these shows think we're idiots. (See the recent Captain America trailer for an example.) No, I fully believe they think we're all complete morons incapable of deciphering a simple movie trailer to the point that they actually feel the need to talk over the entire thing. It's the equivalent of going to see a movie, only to have the guy behind you loudly explain every plot point to the moron sitting next to him.

It's also the equivalent of repeatedly smashing your head against the wall, only I have to imagine watching one full episode of Entertainment Tonight hurts a tad bit more.

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