Enter to Win a Burlesque Ultimate Fan Prize Pack

Enter to Win a Burlesque Ultimate Fan Prize Pack

Mar 11, 2011

Got Cher? The timeless diva returns to movies after a long absence in Burlesque, in which she plays a club owner desperate for a star. One comes in the form of Christina Aguilera—fresh off the bus from Iowa with a set of pipes and a head full of glittery dreams. The two work together to save the struggling burlesque club and tear through many showy musical numbers, including "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me," which is sung by Cher and won a Golden Globe for "Best Original Song."

Burlesque is currently available on DVD and Blu-ray everywhere. If you crave more of the C and C (Cher and Christina) music factory, enter to win an Ultimate Burlesque Fan Prize Pack, which includes the official Burlesque coffee table book, the Burlesque soundtrack CD, one copy of the Burlesque Blu-ray/DVD combo back, promotional Burlesque nail polish by OPI and a Burlesque T-shirt. All you have to do is comment below about your favorite musical number in Burlesque or why you love Cher and Christina to enter for a chance to win. One winner will be selected at random one week from today—all we ask is that you keep your comments clean. Don't dream it…comment on it now!

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