'Ender's Game' Trailer: It's One Teen Versus a Whole Lot of Aliens

'Ender's Game' Trailer: It's One Teen Versus a Whole Lot of Aliens

May 07, 2013

Ender's Game is the type of novel that seemed to be seminal for many kids growing up; a sort of gateway to serious sci-fi literature. If you were one, this first teaser trailer for the long-awaited big-screen version of Orson Scott Card's novel will probably send chills up your spine. You'll get to see things realized by teams of artists that you've only ever pictured in your head, and that's always a great, geeky moment. For the rest of us who have never read Ender's Game, prepare to feel a little left in the dust by this teaser trailer.

And that's okay. This is, after all, a teaser trailer and there's plenty of time between now and its November 1, 2013 release to explain more. All it does is introduce the basics: The human race got their collective ass kicked by an alien civilization, and apparently their key to survival is to recruit children and train them to be their next master war strategists. I'm sure it makes more sense in the context of the story as a whole, but the trailer kind of looks like three adults (Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley, Viola Davis) and a bunch of kids (Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld, Abigail Breslin) are, for whatever reason, the future of mankind. How or why that's the case isn't explained, but we're guessing this Ender kid is pretty special.

Check out the trailer below and, if you're a fan of the book, let us know what you think of the casting and how director Gavin Hood (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) brought it all to life. If you've never read the book, let us know how it looks to you. To us it's kind of all a blur.



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