Watch: Santiago Grasso's Animated 'Flintstone's-esque Short Film 'The Employment'

Watch: Santiago Grasso's Animated 'Flintstone's-esque Short Film 'The Employment'

Sep 01, 2011

The idea of living things standing in for everyday objects in an animated story isn’t exactly new – The Flintstones were doing it years ago – but while things like the bird alarm clock were played for laughs, Santiago Grasso’s 2009 animated short The Employment (El Empleo) takes things in an entirely different direction.

A nameless man wakes up and prepares to go to work. His mirror doesn’t hang on the wall – it’s held up by an unknown man. He sits on the backs of nameless people as he eats his breakfast off a human table. He rides to the office on the back of another man. It’s a world where every mundane thing that a machine or inanimate object does in our world is handled by a living, breathing person.

This continues on for just over six minutes, before Grasso provides us with the story’s twist (we’ll not spoil that here) that nicely sums things up. Stick around after the credits – there’s even another little twist after all the names scroll up the screen.

The Employment is a cool (and somewhat creepy) short that helps prove animation isn’t just for kids, and that the medium can be used to discuss real world issues and situations. The film played a lot of festivals when it was released two years ago, but thanks to the magic of the Internet, you can now watch it from the comfort of your own home. Scroll down and take in Santiago’s twisted vision of the work world and let us know what you think in the comment section. 

[via Like Cool]

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