'Empires of the Deep' Trailer - Is This the Mermaid War Epic You've Always Wanted?

'Empires of the Deep' Trailer - Is This the Mermaid War Epic You've Always Wanted?

Oct 23, 2012

Movies aren't cheap, and they're not entirely easy to make. The more effects you add in, the bigger the budget and the longer the amount of time it takes to complete it all. And so a movie set entirely in a mermaid's deep-sea world and featuring the battles of human-crustacean hybrids could conceivably cost $130 million to make and take three years to complete. You'd expect after all of that, though, that you'd at least have a decent-looking movie. Enter Empires of the Deep.

Twitch Film has been keeping an eye on this peculiar production, the brainchild of a wealthy Chinese real estate tycoon who wanted to write his own cinematic epic, since the beginning. They've tracked the talent behind and in front of the camera, and with each new name that came and left the project (it couldn't even keep the director of Catwoman onboard), something became clearer and clearer: Empires of the Deep was going to be a special kind of disaster.

Now the first trailer for the film is out, and, yep, it looks special. Even if you don't factor in the budget or the time, it screams a complete mess. The CGI is stiff, star Olga Kurylenko looks like she's wearing a store-bought mermaid costume, and the virtual environments are devoid of all texture and life.

But what say you? Is Empires of the Deep the undersea war epic we've all been waiting for?

In ancient Greece, a miracle child is born with mysterious powers that grow as the boy becomes a man. Tormented by his strength, Atlas must summon his courage to enter the mystical Mer Kingdom deep under the ocean to save his father. Through the course of his perilous journey into new and strange worlds of mermaids, pirates and monsters, Atlas learns the truth about his birth, his power and his destiny - and if an ancient prophesy will come true and force him forever into the depths of darkness. A tale of love, fantasy and adventure, Empires of the Deep is filled with heart-pounding action and is filmed in stunning Digital 3D.

Heart-pounding action, indeed.


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