Harrison Ford Narrates This 'Empire Strikes Back' Trailer with Alternate Luke/Leia Kiss

Harrison Ford Narrates This 'Empire Strikes Back' Trailer with Alternate Luke/Leia Kiss

Apr 15, 2014

We've always found it interesting that many movie trailers feature footage and scenes that are nowhere to be found in the finished movie. Since previews are often assembled before the final cut of a film is locked, there’s a good chance the person creating the trailer will pull footage that gets chopped from the finished print. Sometimes the stuff is minor and inconsequential. Other times, it’s a pretty big deal because it feels like a bit of a bait and switch. Either way, this “lost footage” gives fans a way to see things that were filmed but not used, which is always neat to watch.

Everyone loves The Empire Strikes Back, so people will be interested in seeing a few sequences in this clip that didn’t make the movie. Harrison Ford actually narrates this early teaser for the film, which features Luke and Leia leaning in for an alternate version of their icky sibling kiss (00:54) and C-3PO ripping off a warning sign (1:28). Neither scene is in the final film.

The C-3PO bit was part of a subplot during the attack on the Rebel base on Hoth. The sign is a warning that there’s a dangerous Wampa behind the door – so 3PO rips it off, hoping some Stormtroopers will run in there and meet their demise. Hilarious!

Of course, Empire is hardly the only film to show scenes in the trailer that aren’t in the final film – and the good folks over at Empire have put together a list of 24 others for your enjoyment. What are your favorite trailer moments that were missing from the final film? Share with us below.  


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