Is Emma Thompson Writing the 'Annie' Remake?

Is Emma Thompson Writing the 'Annie' Remake?

Jun 24, 2011

All our thrones will eventually belong to Will Smith's children. The actor is crafting a big money remake for his daughter Willow – similar to the prezzie he gifted son Jaden with when he became the lead in last year's Karate Kid redux. The Fresh Prince is teaming up with hip hop mogul Jay-Z and Glee/Eat Pray Love director Ryan Murphy to "re-adapt the screenplay for an updated version of the musical," Annie. Sound like a motley crew so far? Add Emma Thompson's name into the (re)mix, as Smith is currently courting the actress/screenwriter to pen the hard knocks tale.

Thompson's writerly charms on Sense and Sensibility won her a 1996 Oscar. She also recently penned the Nanny McPhee films, and she's scripting the upcoming My Fair Lady remake – so it's really no wonder why Smith and friends want her by their side. Thompson's starring alongside Smith in Men in Black III, which is where they may be discussing the possibility of the actress additionally taking on the role of the boozy orphanage matron, Agatha Hannigan, in the film.

This is one of many projects that Smith and Jay-Z have been cooking up together. They joined forces with several of Overbrook Entertainment's partners – and Smith's wife/actress Jada Pinkett Smith – to develop and produce a slew of films. Annie would fall into Sony Pictures Entertainment's hands, with Overbrook producing. The partners also became co-producers for last year's Tony Award-nominated Broadway production Fela!, which means they're no strangers to song and dance numbers. With Thompson undoubtedly providing a solid script, is this story about an orphaned girl with big dreams shaping up the way you'd like so far?

[via: Vulture]

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